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Bliss Pilates is a young health and well being company which specialises in Pilates but also aims to deliver a holistic approach to your overall health and well being.

At Bliss Pilates our ethos is to look at each client individually and tailor a programme to you as a whole. Pilates itself is an overall system of exercise and well being for both mind and body which both restores physical vitality but also promotes a well balanced mind. At Bliss Pilates we have a keen interest and knowledge of all areas of health and fitness including nutrition. 

We believe that in order to practice Pilates effectively and to produce great results for you class sizes should be small.This is so we can deliver a high degree of personal instruction and to allow a good undertstanding between instructor and client, thereby helping your body reach its full potential.We hope to be able to offer comprehensive equipment classes in the near future.

We also offer one 2 one training where we can create an individually customised programme for you, either at the studio or alternatively we can travel to your home. 

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At Bliss Pilates our ethos is to look at each client individually and tailor a programme to you as a whole.

To book your class (maximum 4 people per class) please click here.


One 2 One Training

Bliss Pilates can create an individually customised Pilates programme to suit your specific physical and exercise needs. To book a private one 2 one appointment please click here.

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for pregnant women and new mums. Recover, tone and strengthen your whole body following pregnancy and childbirth. To book a pregnancy or post natal Pilates class please click here.

Pilates quickens post partum recovery by targeting and toning key muscle groups following childbirth.
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