Stress Reduction and Detoxification

Pilates offers an excellent method of stress reduction and detoxification of the body, thereby restoring physical vitality. The focus on movement and breath encourages meditative states, blood is charged with oxygen and wastes associated with fatigue are purged from the body. To summarise, Joseph Pilates once said;

"A body freed from nervous tension and over fatigue is the ideal shelter for housing a well balanced mind that is always fully capable of sucessfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living".  Joseph Pilates.

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At Bliss Pilates our ethos is to look at each client individually and tailor a programme to you as a whole.

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One 2 One Training

Bliss Pilates can create an individually customised Pilates programme to suit your specific physical and exercise needs. To book a private one 2 one appointment please click here.

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for pregnant women and new mums. Recover, tone and strengthen your whole body following pregnancy and childbirth. To book a pregnancy or post natal Pilates class please click here.

Pilates quickens post partum recovery by targeting and toning key muscle groups following childbirth.
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